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    Associação de Cozinheiros Profissionais de Portugal

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    Desde 1977

    Representa os Profissionais Portugueses de Cozinha e Pastelaria

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    Formação Profissional Certificada

    Escola Cozinha e Pastelaria

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The Worldchefs Congress started in spectacular tradition, with chefs parading their country's flags proudly and anchoring them on the main stage.

It kick-started with chefs parading their country’s flags proudly and anchoring them on the main stage.

Charles Carroll CEC AAC, President of Worldchefs, then opened with a moving speech, reminding chef members about the progress the association has made. Worldchefs today has more than 105 countries, and the humanitarian arm, Worldchefs Without Borders, led by Chairman Willment Leong & his team, has made an impact in countries with need. When the Syrian chefs needed help, they leaned on the Emirated Culinary Guild so they could exist as a chef’s association. “This is what Worldchefs is about, this is what we do,” he highlighted.

He shared, “We are one of the most unique, diverse associations in the world today. Never take this for granted.”



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